Not a Time Machine – Part 2

Chopped the lid off the tub the other night with help from brother and father. Believe it or not it’s not that easy to cut the top off a wobbly 1000L plastic bin at night with only a hacksaw.

It worked though and after a bit of sanding and the cleaning to end all cleanings we water tested it the next day to see if any of the fittings leaked and generally what it would look like with water in it.

The large outlet down the bottom will be for draining the tub, the black one to the left for the outlet connection to the heating coil.

Yesterday Reub and I shot out to M10 Mega and brought several sheets of corrugated roofing to wrap around the side.

After cutting it in half to give us 900mm x 634mm sections we riveted all of them together to make a long ribbon.

Flipping reflective and bright when you take it outside 😛

One end of this was then riveted to the cage, the cage was then rotated, the ribbon tensioned and then tacked on the far corner. We then worked back securing the sheeting to all 4 horizontal rails 3 times on the short sides and 5 on the long.

Tub was then rotated twice more, the ribbon was tensioned, cut to length and joined to itself. Once again we went back and finished riveting it to the cage.

Brother and I then attached the top of the tub to the cage, mostly to stop it from getting pulled out when people hop in and out of the tub.

Almost finished product. Still need to put on the wood trim at the top, cut the inlet and outlet holes in the corrugated metal and cut out around the drain valve so you can get your hand in. Once the tub is fired up we’ll make a decision as to whether we need to insulate or not.


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