Not a Time Machine – Part 3

Yesterday whilst all the still action was going on we also managed to do some work on the burner for the hot tub.

This is the finished product of about 45mins of hard core angle grinding. Wanting to cut straight through the middle of the tank meant that we also had to cut through two layers of the tank skin as apposed to just one as the manufacturer obviously decided that as well as welding the tank together they should flare the bottom section and slide the top into it.

First off however we had to remove the valve from the top (Enter spanner and hammer) and purge all the gas from the tank by filling it with water (IMPORTANT STEP FOLKS)

Now that this has been cut in half the next step will be to cut another hole in the top half for putting wood in and drill some holes in the bottom half for ventilation and for all the ash etc to fall out.

This morning at 7:15 I picked up the SS pipe for the coil from East Tamaki, (pic to come) Once this has been bent (anyone got a pipe bender?) the slots in the tank can be cut and the pipe installed.

Ive been thinking about how to join the top and bottom back together once its done. Welding seemed like a go at the start but now I think ill probably just make 3-4 steel drilled plates approx 1 inch x 4 inches and bolt them onto the side to hold the two halves together. Then if something goes wrong in the future or if changes are needed to the burner it’ll be easier to get them apart.

Since last time the hole for the outlet has also been cut in the corrugated iron. The hole for the return to the tub still has to be done though, mostly because its a real dog of a job and I want to put it off as long as possible. Same goes for the hole around the drain at the bottom of the tank which because of the corrugated sheeting is inaccessible.


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