FedEx = best shipping company ever!

The FedEx gremlins have been kind to me this morning, I challenge you to find someone else who can pick up a package on Friday afternoon in Dongguan China and deliver it Monday morning to Avondale, NZ!

Anyway below are a few pics of the items that they have brought. Behold, the 2nd to last piece of the puzzle. Only waiting on the couplings for the Z-Axis now. I fear however that they may take a while longer as they are coming by economy international mail…






The bottom of the Mega 2560 is stamped GENUINE but looking at some of the soldering im not quite sure, That and it did come from China. Anyway we shall see how it goes.

Whilst I could have got the Mega in New Zealand it would have been twice the price. The RAMPS board however is near on impossible to get if you want the 1.4 version in NZ and so your only option is really to order it from overseas. It’s also a lot cheaper to order them fully assembled as opposed to just ordering the PCB and sourcing the parts in NZ. I’m not sure yet but am hoping that it wont come down to “you get what you pay for” and that the whole thing isn’t going to fail in a couple of months. You can get some long-lasting / decent electronics from China aye?

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