Not a Time Machine – Part 5

The Time Machine Hot Tub is having its second proper outing this weekend with a holiday to the Coromandel. Last time it was used in the wild we had an issue in that we weren’t able to get it quite hot enough. Kauaeranga Valley is notorious for being several hundred degrees below zero at night so it was decided that something had to be done.

The only difference between the first time it was used (when it worked really well) and the second was that we were able to use a 12v computer fan as a blower for the burner. The second time we didn’t have the luxury of a 240v outlet for the transformer for the fan to plug into and as a result weren’t able to get the fire as hot as the first time. As this will often be the case going forwards out only option was to increase the efficiency of the burner and insulate the tub to decrease heat loss.

We really wanted some sort of closed cell foam to prevent it getting waterlogged, something cheap and something flexible. Foam bed rolls provided to be an ideal solution and 3 double bed rolls were acquired from The Warehouse on sale.

These were then cut into strips

And inserted between the tub frame and outer cladding

Until it looked like this

We managed to attach the remaining bed roll to the roof of the tub by “Man Sewing” it on with wire.

Hopefully that should make enough difference to the performance or it looks like someone is going to have to spend most of saturday blowing air into a fireplace.


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