First Light

So astronomers have this event called first light. It’s similar to a roofing party but on an astronomical scale…

When building a telescope the pivotal moment is when the mirror is first exposed to the night sky allowing the “first light” of a astronomical object to fall on the mirror. Now I’m not building a telescope but surely the first use of a reprap has to be of similar significance?

Yep, fired it up for the first time tonight, nothing more than running the motors back and forward, testing endstops, thermistors and heaters but none the less kinda exciting to see several months work come together and actually do something for the first time.

The next couple of weeks will be spent getting used to the firmware and host software and fine tuning it while waiting for the last two parts but then once it’s all up and running properly I’ll get back with some pictures of the completed printer and some test prints.

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