First Extrusion

I’m amazed at how well this has all gone. Most of the time when setting something like this up there are always a couple of things that have been cocked up, crossed wires, some issue in the programming that makes it do weird and seemingly unexplainable things etc. Kudos to the guys that wrote the firmware and set the default values (which have to work with a massive range of machines) and to the guys that manufactured the RAMPS board.

I just haven’t had this problem yet however. All the motors have been running fine without any of the current limiting circuits being adjusted, the thermistors seem to have been reading the right temperatures and the heated bed and extruder both heat up and cool down really quickly.

I’m not 100% happy with the way that the wires are routed off the extruder carriage yet however. The positioning and the path that they take is fine but I’d be happier if they had more support at the carriage to prevent the smaller wires on the motor connector from suffering fatigue. I also think that I need to find a couple of stronger springs for the idler on the extruder body so that the filament is held with more pressure against the hobbed bolt.

Here’s a first squiggle of extrusion


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