Nor will I have to carry my own shopping

This last weekend say a lot of hardware related work done on the Kart. On Saturday morning with fully charged (but still not proven) batteries I departed from home on the scooter to work on the body with Matt and Dave. After thankfully making the trip without having to push anything and after Vicks dropped off the rest of the raw materials we made a start.


The rest of the day was a mix of measuring, cutting, grinding, welding and lifting the body on and off the base more times than I would have thought possible but basically by the end of the day we had the following.


Steel box section welded to the front of the frame. Front legs of the body bolt on to this. A section of the frame each side had to be cut out to allow access to the bolts. We had hoped to shift the body forward but then the seat wouldn’t have fitted inside without hitting the back of the body.




Another section of box steel was welded to the seat post to support the rear of the body. Tabs were also welded on either side to prevent lateral movement. Eventually these will be bolted through.


Rear legs trimmed to clear wheels, these will probably end up being cut back a bit more to allow the stock mudguards to be reinstalled


Cutouts in the body for the footwell and for the steering column to pass through.



Steering column extended so handles clear the top of the trolley.

After completing all that and waiting for the rain to stop the Kart was then driven back (once again thankfully without any pushing)

Next step will be to wire up some of the electronics. A couple of brackets have been printed to mount the rear taillight and the stock controller (that has had its LEDs and buttons removed) will be wired up to an Arduino to give more flexibility and features and an overall more “pimped” experience.

A couple of pics to finish with, the first being the charging socket, relocated to the chassis of the scooter from the original but now unused plastic body, the second, a shot of the drive electronics, not much to it really.



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