New Reprap

Generally my relationship with NZ Couriers goes something like this. I order an item, they pick up the item, item gets lost several times, travels through Gisborne, I call up, they investigate, I receive item 1 week after shipping despite it only having to travel across town… As such I avoid using their service like the plague and bang my head on me desk repeatedly when I find out that someone has dispatched a part on their service.

Imagine my surprise then when I ordered some Reprap parts from Christchurch and they managed to pick them up on a Monday afternoon and have them at my desk first thing Tuesday morning. I still have no idea how they did it, but anyway I received the following. (and no that is not my real address)

20131001_095910 (Resized)

20131001_100024 (Resized)

20131001_100050 (Resized)

Next step – Take received parts – Add printed parts

IMG_6229 (Resized)

Mix well

IMG_6228 (Resized)

Let sit overnight

IMG_6226 (Resized)

IMG_6241 (Resized)

End result after a weekends work on and off. The Silver and Black theme is purely accidental, it just happened that I had black filament in the printer and that the motors were black but I like it and think ill carry on with it. Printing the parts has been a bit of a pain in the butt this time around, a combination of upgrading both Slic3r and Repetier host means that he V2 needs a bit of fine tuning to get the result back to quality that it was before the upgrade but I think on the whole the upgrade was worth it as the bridges seem to be coming out a lot better. The other change that I needed to make was moving everything across from the Vista boot that I am running for general day-to-day stuff on the computer to the more stable (read not full of crap) Win 7 boot that I use for programming. The reason for this is that the printer was more and more randomly carking out whilst printing which really tears your gruds when there’s 5 minutes left in a 2 hr print.

The intention with this printer is to go with a .35mm nozzle and have a default lower layer height to obtain higher resolution prints on small or technical parts.  In addition to the nozzle the I3 frame seems to be a lot more rigid in both the X/Z axis and the Y/Z axis so this should help get the quality of the output up as well.Ill still keep using the V2 for larger parts to keep the print times down though.

At the moment the 4mm to 5mm couplers are on order as well as the lm8uu bearings so ill fit those when the arrive and complete the next step of construction. Until then it’s going to be a case of tweaking the V2 to try to get the output quality back to where it as and printing the remainder of the parts.

As a closing pic have a look at the inside of a mobility scooter gearbox.

IMG_6225 (Resized)


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