Finished I3

So the I3 is finished. One more project ticked off the list and officially marked as done, one more project moved from the “when will it be finished and when can I stop worrying about it” box to the “now I just need to keep it going” box. (Pics tomorrow I promise)

First thoughts?

Well the design is pretty good. Although Ive not used the increased z build height yet I can defiantly see how it could be an advantage. Also the more open design over the V2 also looks like it could end up being advantageous. Truth be told thus far Ive only printed three parts on it so not really enough to justify any concrete opinions about its long term performance.

As both printers sit there printing as I write this one thing is apparent however, for all its quirks and failings, for its constant need of attention, maintenance and freshly printed parts I know that my Prusa V2 will be my first 3D printer love. The cables may not be routed as neatly, it may not have the same precision and resolution and it definitely at times pisses me off beyond all belief but as it stands tonight its knocked out 4 going on 5 parts (albeit at a lower resolution) compared to the 2 from the I3.

The ugly duckling is definitely here to stay..

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