The Google saga concludes

Three phone calls yesterday, one this morning and a multitude of emails in between.

On the way home from work Google graced me with the following


Thanks for your email. We understand your concern, however please note that Google wallet randomly checks the customer details in order to provide secure shopping environment. whenever customers make use of certain Google Wallet features, Google Payment Corp. is required by financial regulations to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who uses this service.

Please know that you are in no way obligated to provide us with this information. However, should you decide not to do so, your eligibility to use our product may be affected.

Kindly provide us with the requested information within 3 business days by filling out this form:


Basically the same rubbish that I’d been getting from them the last couple of days and still absolutely no valid explanation as to not only why the review was triggered and why they required such personal information (esp considering they still had nothing to cross check it against).

I still hadn’t been contacted by either Justin or Mel (the call center managers) despite being promised on three occasions that one or the other would call me.

Last night as a final email reply I responded to the above with the following

Firstly, If you understood my concerns then we wouldn’t be in this position so please do not try and placate me with feigned sympathy.
Secondly please indicate which particular Google Wallet feature that I have made use of that required Google Payment Corp to request unnecessary and unjustifiable amounts of personal information from it customers for. I have used Google Wallet to purchase applications over the last two years and have yet to experience this issue. I should also note that the original terms and conditions that I agreed to are not the current terms listed on your website. Were the terms and conditions phrased such I would have never agreed to them .
Thirdly please outline the ways in which my eligibility to use your product may be affected. It is important that I be able to make an informed decision regarding this matter
Fourthly it is still apparent that you have not read fully the concerns that I outlaid in my initial email. If you had done so then I would have expected any reply to even briefly touch on the matters raised. I am afraid that I must request you to do so before we proceed further.
I have escalated this issue with the Google Wallet Helpdesk and now must request to do so within the verification department. The fact that you (I would address you by name yet you have not afforded me the common courtesy of letting me know who I am conversing with) find it unnecessary to follow common grammar guidelines by capitalizing the first letter of the first word of a sentence, combined with the fact that you seem to be unable to read my replies leads me to believe that I am dealing with an idiot. As such I do not feel it appropriate to send you such confidential personal information.
Please arrange for your superior to contact me within 3 business days via the details held with the Google Wallet Helpdesk


This morning the final call was made to the “Helpdesk”. I then went and got an iPhone



3 thoughts on “The Google saga concludes

  1. I understand you feel this is an unnecessary request for additional information. When you open an ONLINE Bank Account they REQUIRE the same information. This is NOTHING new, maybe to you. PayPal, ING Direct, and other ONLINE BANKS when opening an account all REQUIRE a copy of a PHOTO ID to open the account. Google doesn’t require it immediately neither does paypal, but over time after x number of transactions, type of transactions, etc. they all will REQUIRE a copy of your Photo ID on file. This is Banking 101, open an online account require ID, try to open a Credit Card or Bank online without providing sensitive information, they will LAUGH at you.

    Oh and by the way Apple does require the same level of information depending on your use of Apple (maybe nothing you may use Apple for, but I work for a University and we had to provide Apple with Photo ID’s and Special Credit Statements to apple to prove ourselves). Apple just doesn’t offer a Payment system like wallet, and thats probably the reason they don’t. Apple isn’t a security conscience company, they just appear to be. E.g. How do your reset a password on a MAC computer? Just reboot using keyboard and type a command thats BUILT in and your in. IOS find my iphone is the FIRST ATTEMPT to actually provide some kind of security and its all due to multiple states in the US requiring the company to do it, not Apple leading the pact like they try to pretend (New York, California and Minnesota)..

    But in the end good luck protecting your information, its already available to the people who care and have money. Also have fun with your AOL PHONE oh I mean iphone… Same thing. You will understand, when you realize it.

    P.S. I have owned every type of phone and none are perfect or even good they just placate us for the time being. Good luck post-Google…

    • Dear Mr Wizzard.

      Yep and that would be the reason I don’t have an online bank account… And anyway in this instance Google isn’t extending me any credit, they’re merely processing a transaction the same way any online merchant would. I’ve never had to provide a copy of my passport when buying a pizza online for example and wouldn’t expect to. As it stands my credit card is issued by my bank in conjunction with either Visa or MasterCard, not Google.

      You mention that both Apple and eBay require these documents, I’ve used Apple since 2006 and eBay for the last three years and have yet to be issued with such a request. Should they do so I would react the same way and ask for a good reason why. Google refused to provide such an answer or let me converse with someone who may.

      In regards to the protection of personal information, should a bunch of international cyber assassins attempt to steal my personal information I’m under no illusions that they would most likely be able to do so. In saying that I’m not going to make it easy for them.

      Many thanks for the best wishes with the iPhone. I like it a lot, it’s very shiny. It’s purchase also means I’ve owned every type of phone. I hope you find a phone that you’re happy with so that you don’t have to keep changing types.

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