Cleaned & Painted Lathe, Mower and what I’m printing now

So after the Lathe had soaked in the tub for a week it was taken out and all the black crud was scrubbed off with some 3M nylon pads whilst spraying it all down with water. After it was lightly dried it was then rubbed down with phosphoric acid, then washed down again before being quickly dried with hair dryers and towels. The end result was this

20140510_110646 (Resized)

20140510_110639 (Resized)

The whole thing was then given a good scrub with IPA before a primer coat from the Killrust range was applied. After drying for a couple of days the first top coat was then put on leaving it looking like this.

3 (Resized)

There is still one more top coat to go on but I think I’ll wait a couple of weeks to let the current paint dry. Its starting to get colder and more humid here which I suspect isn’t helping with drying times. There’s still a fair amount to do but once the final coat has gone on and its had some time to dry then reassembly can finally begin again. Most of the parts to get the headstock back together have either been painted or are in the process of being painted and should all be finished around the same time. Stay tuned for experiments in handwheel polishing and masking..

Also this last weekend William and I got the first coat of paint on the lawnmower deck. I’d been putting this off for a while because before painting there was still some finishing that needed to be done on the deck. The amount of trauma that this mower has suffered is beyond belief with numerous cracks on top of the deck, a massive split down one side and a fist sized hole in the other. The fist sized hole was pretty much the main repair that needed to be completed, it had already been patched (probably more thoroughly than needed) but in the spirit or over-engineering I also wanted to weld / solder it together.

I found this product on the internet called Durafix that is supposed to allow home users to weld aluminum together with a MAPP torch and no other special equipment. On their website there is a picture of two aluminum cans with their bases attached to each other with the stuff but I’m dubious aye. Admittedly it could be the stuff that the mower deck is made out of but the finished result hasn’t been as solid as I was expecting. On some of the smaller surface cracks I opened into a V groove with a grinder to get better penetration and the Durafix seems to flow into that alright but I’m not sure how strong the bond is. For example it’s quite easy to flick up the edges of any Durafix that has flowed out of the join and across the deck. I guess what I’m saying is the bond between the two materials doesn’t seem to be the same as say solder and copper… Time will tell whether the fixes will hold up I guess but I was hoping for joins that looked a bit more resilient. Just to clarify both the parts were scrubbed with the supplied wire brush and both were hot enough and were able to melt the Durafix without the presence of the MAPP torch.

All that aside we ended up with the following setup to weld the massive hole together,photo 1 (Resized)

Gas ring to add more hotness. End result.

photo 3 (Resized)

This was then cleaned off and ground to match a bit better the contours of the surrounding metal. It won’t win any awards but if it holds together then all well and good.

A couple of other minor holes were patched before it had a etch primer sprayed on.

photo 5 (Resized)

6 (Resized)

Before painting

photo 4 (Resized)

and after. This will get one more light coat of primer and then the first top coat in the next couple of days.

4 (Resized)

On the 3D printer front I’ve got 2 x new projects going. Firstly the parts for a Mini Kossel have started to come off the I3. Getting there slowly and I have the extrusion so just waiting on some hardware from China before frame construction can begin.

20140508_221441 (Resized)

Secondly I’ve started work on a robotic dolly for a small camera using OpenBeam extrusion. From design through to one finished section.

20140508_121958 (Resized)

20140508_220722 (Resized)

20140508_221327 (Resized)

20140508_220654 (Resized)

20140509_204002 (Resized)

Stay tuned..
















2 thoughts on “Cleaned & Painted Lathe, Mower and what I’m printing now

    • Hi Mike, Thanks for the comment, Should hopefully have it finished in a couple of weeks and can then start turning it into a lawnbot 😀


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