The Mower Runs!

One of the big concerns I had with taking the mower engine apart was whether it would run once it was all back together again… After replacing all the gaskets, finishing the cleaning and then remounting it 3-4 minutes of yanking on the starter cord caused it to fire up and settle into a regular idle. Three things became apparent very quickly. Firstly there is a decent leak from the petrol tap down onto the carb and then onto the mower deck so this needs to be replaced. Secondly there is a leak from the bottom of the carb where the drain valve is. This is basically a small rubber grommet held to the bottom of the carb bowel with a spring so it’s not surprising that its leaking. Finally there should be one more gasket between the engine and the silver muffler bit that bolts onto the mower deck, then it won’t belch smoke, oil (maybe I poured too much in) and other crud out onto the top of the mower deck.

The carb bowel issue was perhaps the easiest to fix, remove the old rubber bit and spring completely and then replace with a stainless steel m3 screw with a nitrile rubber washer. Whilst this means there is no way now to drain the carb it has stopped the leaking. Some decent legwork on Google located some new old stock of petrol taps and even more legwork located a guy in Florida that is selling more new old stock of the exhaust gaskets.

The petrol tap is on the way at the moment, the gaskets still haven’t surfaced at the YouShop depot in the US yet though :S

We’re basically at this point at the moment (the shroud and gas tank were mounted but needed to be taken off to fix the carb and I decided to leave them off until the new tap arrives).

IMG_0214 (Resized)

On the lathe the motor mount has now been mounted as well as a few other parts (added after the photo was taken) Next step will be repainting the swing head assembly and refitting that. Once that is complete then the belt guard and motor can be remounted.

IMG_0222 (Resized)

IMG_0223 (Resized)

The Arcade machine received its paint over the last week and with the exception of some troublesome screw holes on the top surface the painting is now complete. The green T-slot has been inserted into some of the slotted areas as has one of the control panels.

IMG_0217 (Resized)

IMG_0218 (Resized)

This control panel has been wired up but not yet connected to any of the rest of the gear yet. A power supply and the JAMMA board have both also been mounted.

IMG_0220 (Resized)

IMG_0219 (Resized)

IMG_0221 (Resized)

6 more of the wireless nodes have been completed this week as well bringing the total working nodes to 12 good and 1 slightly suspect node (called such as it was the first one built and initially had the power connected the wrong way… It works but still)

IMG_0210 (Resized)

On the programming front all 12 good nodes work on a network now communicating back and forth to the base node. The single digital pin and both the analog pins that are broken out onto the node header on the remote nodes can be controlled from a small (and still WIP) bit of software on a computer connected to the base node. The remote nodes can also report back to base the voltage of their power supply and temperature. Basically a serial string sent to the base node causes a message to be sent to the desired remote node toggling the pins or flashing the LED’s for identification purposes. At the moment the focus is now on developing the PC side software and building a higher power base node.

I’ve also started building one of these…

IMG_0197 (Resized)

IMG_0202 (Resized)

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