I have emerged…

So its been just over two years since the last post and to be honest its not been a case of nothing to write about, rather a case of little time to spend writing up blog posts.

Whats been happening? 

  1. Moved house
  2. Had to build and move into shed at new house
  3. Landscaped back garden
  4. Finished ML7 repaint and assembly
  5. Assembled new 3 Phase drive systems for both ML7 and ML8
  6. Started on drill press restoration (still in parts)
  7. Started on Home Automation project using openHAB (excellent software)
  8. Put finishing touches on Arcade Machine
  9. Decommissioned Shopping Trolley 😦
  10. Started recondition of planer and table saw attachments for ML8

Why have I emerged now?

Well its time to catch up on some of these things. Expect a few posts hopefully in quickish succession. These will probably be image heavy in place of large swaths of text.

What projects are on the horizon?

A Teardrop Trailer build. This is currently in the investigative and sourcing phase. Being located in NZ makes a few of the parts hard to find (read doors and rear galley hinge). There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of information on the internet re where to get these parts when based in NZ so successful or otherwise ill make sure to post the results in the hope it may help other NZ builders.

Consider this the first update

Built a bookshelf over the weekend with Vicks. A couple of years ago we purchased some old Rimu skirting board off TradeMe, this had been pulled out of a school somewhere.

Initially this was covered on one side with white paint and had a curved radius on the top edge and so the first steps were dispatching the radius with a table saw and removing the face / cleaning up the front face with an electric plane.

After that it was a case of cutting out the wood too damaged to use and then after confirming that we had enough, cutting the wood to size.

Four shelves were then clamped together and had braces glued and screwed to the bottom of them (these braces are at each end and then behind the legs in the middle in the below picture)


The end sections had their ends glued to form a plank section and clamped (no braces on these) before assembling the outer frame and then mounting the two internal shelves.

The 8 legs were the final pieces put on, for some reason these were the only parts of the build where the wood wanted to split when sinking the screw heads in so these all had to be countersunk first.

Final step will be applying a couple of coats of light stain before moving into position which should happen this weekend.

On the whole it was a relatively painless process, there was additional work in preparing the boards which wouldn’t be required if the wood was purchased new but then again I don’t think there’s any way we would have got the wood new for the price we paid.

There’s still some sections left over so it looks like a matching coffee table may also be in the future.

Until next time.





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