Built the floor on Sunday, Started by laying out the welded frame on the floor as a work surface and guide for laying out all the pieces.


From there it was a  case of cutting all the price framing to the right length and then putting the pocket holes in the ends of the cross members.



Once that was complete the side rails were clamped into position on the welded frame and one side of each of the cross members was glued and screwed into the side rail before applying glue to the other ends of the cross members and then applying the other side rail.


I’d decided that at the rear of the caravan at least I wanted another line of framing down the centreline of the trailer. This is to provide something to screw some parts of the kitchen into. I decided given there was wood left over that this may as well run the length of the floor and so pieces were cut, drilled, glued and screwed into place.


Next step was to attach one side of the plywood paneling to the floor. Luckily one sheet was able to cover the floor from side to side after reducing the width of the caravan by 50 odd mm a few weekends ago and so it was only a case of cutting the length to size, applying glue to the frame and then dropping the plywood on. Clamps held these two pieces in together  whilst it was tacked with brad nails prior to being flipped and having weight applied to the centre.


Polystyrene was then cut to fit in the gaps before the same process with the plywood panelling was undertaken again to put the top panel on the floor. Much weight was applied to give a strong bond.



To finish the floor I just need to run a router with a flush trim bit around to smooth out the edges and then job done.



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