Rear Cabinets and Door cutout

Made much progress this last weekend. I think one more weekend should see the cabinetry finished making building the roof a not too distant task.

Cutting the door out was a pretty fun exercise. Firstly had to attempt to work out the placement and size of the hole, there was a bit of fiddling around here as at this point the location of the rear cabinets hadn’t been fully determined and we ideally wanted the door in the middle of the front and rear sets.

Got that figures out eventually and after marking out the dimensions it was time to start cutting out the opening. Corners were done using a laminate trimmer with a radius guide and worked better than expected.


Two corners and the top of the door cut out


Finally a completed cut. Given that the entire sheet was 18 mm thick it took a few passes at each cut to make it all the way through.


This was the final state of affairs on Saturday evening. Door cut, front cabinets finished bar two little cabinet doors and several pieces of the rear cabinet (not in shot) glued and ready for further assembly on Sunday.


Fist job on Sunday was mounting the kitchen bench.


We took a slightly different approach here and decided to hinge the dividing wall between the kitchen and the sleeping area to allow a mattress to be slid in and out.


The rest of the day was spent making more parts of the rear cabinets (below glued and drying). These will hopefully be mounted to the read bench assembly tonight.


Many clamps are useful for this project,  not only to hold glued parts but also gluey plans



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