(Almost) Finished Rear Cabinets

Again another weekend of progress, It’s amazing how much you can actually get done when dedicating two full days to a build, at the same time however “haste makes waste” was definitely the theme of the weekend with one part cut incorrectly no less than 5 times.

Saturday saw the test fitting of the kitchen cabinets with the bench top. The back of the cabinets forms the dividing wall between the kitchen and the sleeping area and meets the curve roof at the top which requires the top of this panel to be cut to meet the roof profile.


At this point the bench mounts haven’t yet been glued to the underside of the bench and so clamps are required to stop the assembly rolling forward.


On the inside the base for the interior cupboards then got inserted into the router slot in the back of the dividing  wall, braces were needed to support everything whilst trying to get it level.

Looking underneath the base you can see where the dividing wall meets the bench (joint held together with blue tape) and then the lower dividing wall (hinged) under the bench for the mattress to slide in and out of.


Currently there are slight gaps between the hinged portion of the wall and the outer walls / floor. This is so the hinged section can be opened regardless of any distortion of the walls / floor. A trim section will be put in here to help seal these gaps from the inside.


With the flap open there is a decent amount of room for the mattress to slide in and out, this will also help with cleaning.

After stuffing around with trying to get the interior shelf base in the right place and getting everything square it became apparent that more glue up of the already cut components would be required to make a decent job of the next components (read 5 pieces incorrectly cut because things kept moving)

To that end attention turned back to the front cabinets with the fitting of the cabinet doors as well as some cleanup and sanding


Final task for Saturday was to glue up as much as possible of the rear cabinets for further work Sunday.

Theres a saying “If you can’t tie knots, tie lots” same goes for when needing to substitute tape for clamps, use lots.


Sunday saw more success with less wind and no rain. Front shot below showing final state of the front after finishing up on Saturday, both doors fitted with knobs attached.


First stop on Sunday was to fit the rear cabinet assemble back in. The kitchen cupboards are now fixed to the bench with trim pieces installed.


After that the base for the rear interior cupboards was refitted and given that everything was more solid now it was a lot easier to start building up the walls of these cupboards


The walls of the cupboards need to match the side profile of the caravan walls given they will be meeting the roof. A flush trim bit on a laminate router was used to get the outside pieces right before they were then used to get the inside pieces right.

Two shelves were then cut to fit in the side cabinets, Aside from a box to house the wiring and fuses for the power, the middle section will remain full height at the moment. I was thinking that it may be useful to drill a series of holes in the walls allowing pegs to be inserted for a removable shelf but we’ll see.


Shot from the door showing finished (apart from glue up and doors) rear cabinets


Looking at the week ahead the next challenge will be finding a time to glue all this up. Whilst it won’t be a long job the recent cold snap has made temperatures plummet well below the 8 degree C chalk temperature of the glue that I’m using. This morning for example the car registered an exterior temp of 2 degrees C which is going to cause issues if it doesn’t get warmer.




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