Walls – Second Cut

First wall glued  up ok so we repeated the process with the second wall, i.e spread glue, clamp and then rest old lathe bed on top of the middle of the joint to apply some pressure there.

This weekend’s work consisted of two processes, bolting the wood floor to the trailer frame and starting to route the recesses in the bottom of the walls.

Bolting the frame down went really well, only thing that went wrong was the snapping of a 3mm drill bit so all in all I’m pretty pleased.


The floor can’t be fully bolted down yet as we still need to get it galvanised, I’m thinking that I may drill the holes out a little larger in order to maintain sufficient clearance once dipped.


A total of 10 M12 bolts will be used to hold the floor (and therefore the rest of the teardrop to the frame) so I don’t think there is much risk of something going wrong.


I didn’t get many photos of the second process, I will take some of the finished walls at some point but it basically consisted of sitting the wall in place, drawing up the back of the base where it meets the wall and then across the top.


This was then routed out at a depth of 11mm for a distance of 80mm from the edge, then stepped up to 9mm for the remaining 36mm until reaching the line. The reason for this recesses to so that when the underlining is painted on to the underside of the floor and the walls there will still be room for the trailer frame to fit. Four small recesses were then cut to house the heads of the bolts.


Walls – First cut

Vicks and I started work on the walls over the weekend. The maximum size of plywood that is available to us at a reasonable price meant that both walls needed to be made out of a couple of pieces joined with a lap joint.

First task was routing one half of the joint on one piece approximately half the depth of the plywood before fine tuning the depth and routing the second half of the joint on the other.

Once this was complete we marked out the profile of the teardrop after which we cut this profile out with a jigsaw.


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From here it was a simple task to rinse and repeat for the second wall using the first as a template.


One wall section was then able to be glued up, we’ll hopefully glue up the other one tonight given that the first will have had 24 hours to set.

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I have emerged…

So its been just over two years since the last post and to be honest its not been a case of nothing to write about, rather a case of little time to spend writing up blog posts.

Whats been happening? 

  1. Moved house
  2. Had to build and move into shed at new house
  3. Landscaped back garden
  4. Finished ML7 repaint and assembly
  5. Assembled new 3 Phase drive systems for both ML7 and ML8
  6. Started on drill press restoration (still in parts)
  7. Started on Home Automation project using openHAB (excellent software)
  8. Put finishing touches on Arcade Machine
  9. Decommissioned Shopping Trolley 😦
  10. Started recondition of planer and table saw attachments for ML8

Why have I emerged now?

Well its time to catch up on some of these things. Expect a few posts hopefully in quickish succession. These will probably be image heavy in place of large swaths of text.

What projects are on the horizon?

A Teardrop Trailer build. This is currently in the investigative and sourcing phase. Being located in NZ makes a few of the parts hard to find (read doors and rear galley hinge). There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of information on the internet re where to get these parts when based in NZ so successful or otherwise ill make sure to post the results in the hope it may help other NZ builders.

Consider this the first update

Built a bookshelf over the weekend with Vicks. A couple of years ago we purchased some old Rimu skirting board off TradeMe, this had been pulled out of a school somewhere.

Initially this was covered on one side with white paint and had a curved radius on the top edge and so the first steps were dispatching the radius with a table saw and removing the face / cleaning up the front face with an electric plane.

After that it was a case of cutting out the wood too damaged to use and then after confirming that we had enough, cutting the wood to size.

Four shelves were then clamped together and had braces glued and screwed to the bottom of them (these braces are at each end and then behind the legs in the middle in the below picture)


The end sections had their ends glued to form a plank section and clamped (no braces on these) before assembling the outer frame and then mounting the two internal shelves.

The 8 legs were the final pieces put on, for some reason these were the only parts of the build where the wood wanted to split when sinking the screw heads in so these all had to be countersunk first.

Final step will be applying a couple of coats of light stain before moving into position which should happen this weekend.

On the whole it was a relatively painless process, there was additional work in preparing the boards which wouldn’t be required if the wood was purchased new but then again I don’t think there’s any way we would have got the wood new for the price we paid.

There’s still some sections left over so it looks like a matching coffee table may also be in the future.

Until next time.




The Google saga concludes

Three phone calls yesterday, one this morning and a multitude of emails in between.

On the way home from work Google graced me with the following


Thanks for your email. We understand your concern, however please note that Google wallet randomly checks the customer details in order to provide secure shopping environment. whenever customers make use of certain Google Wallet features, Google Payment Corp. is required by financial regulations to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who uses this service.

Please know that you are in no way obligated to provide us with this information. However, should you decide not to do so, your eligibility to use our product may be affected.

Kindly provide us with the requested information within 3 business days by filling out this form:


Basically the same rubbish that I’d been getting from them the last couple of days and still absolutely no valid explanation as to not only why the review was triggered and why they required such personal information (esp considering they still had nothing to cross check it against).

I still hadn’t been contacted by either Justin or Mel (the call center managers) despite being promised on three occasions that one or the other would call me.

Last night as a final email reply I responded to the above with the following

Firstly, If you understood my concerns then we wouldn’t be in this position so please do not try and placate me with feigned sympathy.
Secondly please indicate which particular Google Wallet feature that I have made use of that required Google Payment Corp to request unnecessary and unjustifiable amounts of personal information from it customers for. I have used Google Wallet to purchase applications over the last two years and have yet to experience this issue. I should also note that the original terms and conditions that I agreed to are not the current terms listed on your website. Were the terms and conditions phrased such I would have never agreed to them .
Thirdly please outline the ways in which my eligibility to use your product may be affected. It is important that I be able to make an informed decision regarding this matter
Fourthly it is still apparent that you have not read fully the concerns that I outlaid in my initial email. If you had done so then I would have expected any reply to even briefly touch on the matters raised. I am afraid that I must request you to do so before we proceed further.
I have escalated this issue with the Google Wallet Helpdesk and now must request to do so within the verification department. The fact that you (I would address you by name yet you have not afforded me the common courtesy of letting me know who I am conversing with) find it unnecessary to follow common grammar guidelines by capitalizing the first letter of the first word of a sentence, combined with the fact that you seem to be unable to read my replies leads me to believe that I am dealing with an idiot. As such I do not feel it appropriate to send you such confidential personal information.
Please arrange for your superior to contact me within 3 business days via the details held with the Google Wallet Helpdesk


This morning the final call was made to the “Helpdesk”. I then went and got an iPhone


Why Google wants a photocopy of my Passport!!

To whom it may concern.

Yesterday I attempted to purchase an application using the Play Store on my cellphone. The transaction however was not successful for reasons that I am still not aware of. I then added an additional payment method (in doing so providing all the required and correct credit card information) and attempted to complete the purchase again. This however was also unsuccessful. I therefore assumed that there were issues with the mobile Play Store application and so attempted to purchase the app using the web browser on my computer. This also didn’t work.

My conclusion was that Google was experiencing wider issues with processing payments as neither the card which I had recently been using with my Google wallet account or the new one worked.

Last night I received an email advising me that my account has been limited and that to reactivate the account I would be required to submit to Google copies of not only a recent bill but also of a government issued identity document.

I find this response completely unacceptable considering the situation. An failed attempt to purchase of an application of negligible cost then resulted in me providing all the required information for the transaction to be processed by an alternative payment method. This then escalated and resulted in my account being limited until I provide Google with an amount of personal information that I am not comfortable in sharing. There is a reason that I make a point of not sending credit card details or other personal information that could be used to commit fraud by email or by SMS message.

Considering recent lapses in security at Microsoft, Sony, Target Corporation, Adobe Systems and the uncovering of major security flaws in Open SSL I am not comfortable in any company having that amount of personal information, coincidentally most of the required information to commit identity fraud or make undesirable purchased on my credit card. Whilst I am sure that none of these companies intended to allow extreme amounts of user information to be stolen none the less against their best efforts it happened.

I also find it surprising that Google is requesting this information under the guise of verifying my identity. I can understand that a bank would want to sight a drivers license when you visit a branch as not only are they able to check the details on the license against the copies they have on file from when the account opened but they are also able to check the photo on the card against the person presenting it. I fail to see however in this instance how providing this information to Google will help prove my identity. Not only does Google not have a copy of the information on file to cross check against but I fail to see how they could confirm the authenticity of the information and that I was actually my identity in the first place. Assuming of course that Google isn’t as insidious as some people believe.

Whilst I accept that this is most likely a standard response on the part of Google I find it completely out of proportion considering the circumstances. If my account for example had shown overly excessive usage or out of the ordinary usage then I would expect it to be limited, however I consider the attempted purchase of a $2.92 stocktaking application to be a far cry from this. Furthermore I wouldn’t expect that I would be required to provide a photocopy of a passport / drivers license and a copy of a recent bill to regain access to my account

Since receiving the email I have called the Google Wallet help desk three times, each time they have promised to escalate the case and have a supervisor call me back however thus far this has not happened. When asking to talk to the “Verification Team” I have been advised that it is not possible to contact them by phone and that my only option is to attempt to make contact by replying to the initial email received.

Awaiting your response and resolution

James Taylor